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East Chester, Nova Scotia 

Vanagon & Westfalia

After more than 30 years of working on and camping in and enjoying, there are not many people as passionate about the Westfalia lifestyle as I am. I've owned more than a dozen, all models and body styles. I've come to choose a favorite, and that is the Vanagon.
1980 to 1991 body style, the sheet metal changed very little, even though the interior change for the better over the years, they are all similar to each other. I've done almost everything that can be done to these little campers. I've rebuilt the stock engines, converted the gas engines to diesels, build performance engines, lowered them, raised them, converted 2 wheel drive to Syncro, added larger brakes, electrically upgraded, added propane furnaces, parted them out, but always loved them. If I part a van out, I save every piece possible in order to make another van live.
I've been concentrating my business on restoring, maintaining, and repairing the beloved Vanagon. So if you want to get the most out of your van, you can trust me as many others have done to bring it to the "next level".
Call me for a free consultation of how we can, together, make your van the van of your dreams, or let us build one for you.
Plus, We're a supplier for all the major vendors, such as Go-Westy, Bus Depot, CIP1, Rocky Mountain Westy, Rancho Performance Transaxle, Van-Cafe, etc..